Audio/Video Design

A/V hardware has become more versatile and capable, but it is also now much more complex. Meeting rooms, customer shopping areas, and even outdoor spaces can be enhanced with cutting-edge technology to enhance experiences, increasing their value as well as the time and money investment. ICXpress offers audio/video design services that help clients get the most value out of their solutions and protect their investments. Whether you need some digital signage or a fully integrated video conferencing solution, the ICXpress A/V team will design a custom setup that meets your needs while maximizing efficiency and reliability. We have experience installing and maintaining a wide variety of A/V solutions, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the highest possible ROI without having to spend excess time and money.

You might have all sorts of high-tech equipment, but it’s just stuff until you can bring it all together. Our services will simplify and integrate your A/V solutions to enhance your experience.

ICXpress has experience with a diverse range of A/V solutions

  • HDTVs & Custom Sound Integration
  • Speaker Phones
  • 4k Cameras
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Team Rooms
  • Automation – Connect multiple devices to an easy-to-use interface for easy switching between hardware and apps
  • Video Walls
  • Custom Automated Blinds and Lighting
  • Restaurants
  • Call Centers
  • Retail
  • Multi-Room Music
  • Indoor/Outdoor Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Live Streaming
  • In-Ceiling Speakers and Mics