Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

The list of disasters that can disrupt or even close your business is endless. From natural causes to human-error, a catastrophe striking your business, has the potential to wipe your valuable business data. These events may prevent you from providing goods or services to your customers. You can’t protect your company’s data from every conceivable disaster, but you can enact a contingency plan that minimizes the associated impact and reputation loss on your business.

Our data backup and disaster recovery solutions are backed by industry standards to minimize downtime. Our veteran team will recommend and implement next-gen, automated data backup systems that replicate your vital data quickly and unobtrusively to highly secure storage facilities at regular intervals. When catastrophe inevitably strikes and you need your systems restored, our advanced recovery tools and expert planning assistance will make certain you are operational again in hours instead of days.

Many SMBs collapse after catastrophic data loss befalls their business. Ensure you aren’t one of them and partner with ICXpress for swift data recovery, so you can get back in business while other companies are still picking up the pieces

ICXpress can provide your organization a variety of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Services, some include: