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ICXpress has partnered with Allworx to deliver best-in-class communications solutiuons to Connecticut Businesses.  Review the information and whitepapers below and if you would like to talk to us about how we can help your business with Allworx communications solutions call us today at (203) 925-1000.


Allworx — the apex of business communication

Allworx delivers on the promise of VoIP telephony for businesses by overcoming the daunting price and functionality obstacles of other suppliers.

Allworx continues its commitment to providing solutions that break all the industry rules on price, functionality and ease of use. The Allworx Product family eliminates the compromises that businesses have had to make when transitioning to VoIP technology – offering all of VoIP’s benefits, without losing any of the traditional phone features you enjoy. There’s no compromising for our customers!

The Allworx Advantage

Comprehensive and Customizable set of SMB Features –
No other solution provides a more complete set.

All Allworx systems and telephones support a complete set of phone system features, including:

  • Follow-Me-Anywhere cell
    phone integration
  • Consolidated messaging
  • Remote user functionality
  • True “Line Appearances”
    (even on VoIP trunks)
  • Hands-free intercom
  • Zoned paging

Other features usually associated with large enterprise-classsystems are also available:

  • 30 party conference capability
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • PC-based call answering and monitoring software
  • Multiple Auto Attendants
  • Advanced multi-site capabilities
  • Dual language support
  • iPhone and Android mobility
  • CRM integration

Future-Proof Your Business:
Allworx’s ability to support both traditional and VoIP telephone services provides a ‘future-proof’ solution that can grow as technology changes, allowing customers to manage their transition to VoIP at their own pace. With Allworx, you receive all the business productivity enhancements, cost savings and flexibility of VoIP with no risk of disruption to your business.

More For Your Money: 
Allworx solutions have the flexibility to accommodate any configuration, whether your business connects via VoIP trunks, traditional phone lines, or T1/PRI, making it the easiest and quickest system to install. This means Allworx has the absolute lowest installed cost of any integrated VoIP PBX/Key system solution in the industry.